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Chemours refrigerant expert tool for opteon refrigerants. If you are having trouble downloading this software, or are getting an error message, you may have a firewall issue. The pressure drops as the refrigerant passes through the expansion valve. Production of the r 500 refrigerant halted on january 1, 2006 because of its environmentally harmful chemical makeup. R 508b has properties similar to r 503 and can be used to replace either r or r 503 in an existing system. Singh buffalo research laboratory alliedsignal inc. Ms excel spreadsheet addin for thermodynamic properties. International refrigeration and air conditioning conference. Genetron 23, r23, a specialty low temperature refrigerant that may be used to replace r and r503 in the low.

Ms excel spreadsheet addin for thermodynamic properties and process simulation of r152a refrigerant properties, refprop computer software uses either the carnahanstartinddesantis csd hard sphere or the modified benedictwebb rubin mbwr equation of state to calculate the properties of refrigerant mixtures. Freon 407c r407c refrigerant r22 retrofit refrigerant. Freon 95 ensures that medical freezers and environmental chambers can consistently maintain temperatures that range between 40 to 101 c 40 to 150 f. Click here to view a list of the fluids for which property data are available in ees. To better indicate temperature glide r404a, r407c, and r410a show both temperatures for the same pressure on one line. All refrigerant blends have bubble and dew points on the same line.

Physical properties of refrigerants molecular weight, boiling, freezing and critical. Experimental study on the heat transfer performance of a zeotropic refrigerant mixture in horizontal tubes, m. All are tested to meet or exceed ahri700 purity standards. The following tables show the percentage composition of refrigerant blends found acceptable acceptablethis designation means that a substitute may be used, without restriction, to replace the relevant ods within the enduse specified. Notes higher discharge temperatures than r or r508b physical properties. Guidelines for maximum shipping weights for recovered refrigerant containers cont. Freon 507 r507 refrigerant for commercial applications.

Hvac refrigerant pt is designed for professionals in the air conditioning industry. A key feature of solstice l41y is its 67 % lower gwp with similar efficiency and matching capacity to r410a. A wide variety of manufacturers, distributors and service companies are featured in our extensive vertical directory to allow ease sourcing and research for chemicals. R452a, r452b, r454c, r507a, r508b, r5a, r514a and ammoniawater. Refrigerantsrefrigerant properties instrumetrix test. Thank you for using refrigerantcode and making it a highly accepted refrigerant properties software. This air conditioning repair article series discusses the the diagnosis and correction of abnormal air conditioner refrigerant line pressures as a means for evaluating the condition of the air conditioner compressor motor, which in turn, is a step in how we evaluate and correct lost or reduced air conditioner cooling capacity.

Forane 507a r507a is a nonozone depleting, azeotropic blend of hfc refrigerants r125 and r143a. Refrigerant acts as a transportation medium to move heat absorbed in the evaporator to the condenser where it is rejected. Freon 124 r124 refrigerant is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon hcfc retrofit replacement for r114 used in centrifugal chillers and highambient cooling applications, including overhead cranes. The refrigerant profiles cover designations, common uses, chemical and trade names, other identifiers, molecular mass, critical properties pressure, temperature, specific volume, and density at the critical point, physical and thermophysical properties for selected conditions, safety classifications, toxicity and flammability data. R508b has properties very similar to r503and can be used to replace r or r503 in an existing system. Among the options offered in the freon refrigerant portfolio, freon 407c r407c is a highperformance blend. Why do air conditioners need freon to work properly. The compressor drives the r4a refrigerant through a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator. All refrigerant blends have bubble and dew points on the. Any refrigerant, any place, any time sm refrigerants. The general conclusion of the thesis is that the refrigerant affects all of the measured properties negatively on the subject of lubrication and life of the rolling element bearing.

It all boils down to sorry for the pun the refrigerant properties at the operating conditions. Dynamic simulation model of a vapor compression domestic refrigerator running with r4a, x. Solstice l40x is an excellent refrigerant option for commercial refrigeration low temperature applications can be used across many segments of the hvacr industry. A specialty low temperature refrigerant that may be used to replace r and r 503 in the low stage of cascade systems. Hvac refrigerant pt includes pressure and temperature charts, bubble point, dew point, ac refrigeration color codes and their corresponding info. Opteon xp44 r452a refrigerant is a nonozone depleting, low global warming potential gwp hydrofluoroolefin hfo based replacement for r404a and r507 refrigerants. Temperature can be displayed in degrees celsius or fahrenheit. Refrigerant properties refrigerants can be characterized by a number of properties. Hvac buddy psychrometric quickly calculate thermodynamic properties of moist air at temperatures commonly used in hvac systems. Refrigerants color codes refrigerants and their color codes.

Opteon xl10 r1234yf refrigerant is a nonozone depleting odp hydrofluoroolefin hfo option that meets the industrys growing demands for sustainable, safe, and effective solutions. This site is a compilation of information meant for casual reference only. In no case does such identification imply endorsement or recommendation by the national institute of standards and technology of these computer products and equipment, nor does it imply that the products are necessarily the best available for the purpose. Feb 02, 2017 most air conditioners are condensation air conditioners. Thermodynamic properties of refrigerant freezing temperature should have low freezing temperature. Als environmental provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data. The energy content enthalpy of one pound of the refrigerant is shown on the horizontal axis on a btulb basis.

The unit is ari certified and is the best solution for recovery of very high pressure refrigerants. An ability to be topped off after a leak, multiple times, with minimal impact on system performance. Zeotropic blends shift in composition during the boiling or condensing process. Refrigerant r22 properties properties of refrigerant r22 dichlorodifluoromethane saturated liquid and saturated vapor imperial and metric units. Ees provides properties for many pure fluids and some refrigerant mixtures such as r407c, r410a, r449a, r450a. Consider replacing the r22 refrigerant in your supermarket with nonozone depleting. Computer aided development software for air conditioning systems, i. Refrigerant gas r23 t rifluoromethane r23 physical properties molecular formula chf3 molecular weight 70. Hvac buddy pressure temperature free software downloads and. All refrigerants use r11 as a datum reference where r11 has an odp of 1. The drop in pressure lowers the saturation temperature of the.

Freon 95 refrigerant sets the industry standard as a replacement for r and r503 refrigerants, and is endorsed by original equipment manufacturers oems. Genetron 503 is an azeotropic mixture used in lowand mediumtemperature refrigeration applications. Hvac pt buddy contains pressure temperature relationships for 95 refrigerants in both metric and english units in one degree increments. As the blend changes phase, more of one component will transfer to the other phase faster than the rest. Through our nationwide network, aspen maintains and distributes the largest selection of refrigerants in the country. Used in heating, chilling, air conditioning and ventilation applications, the. Used for very low temperaturerefrigeration systems.

Find answers to your refrigerants questions with honeywell refrigerants suite of apps, calculators, and software. For example, hcfc22 is an acceptable substitute for r 502 in industrial process refrigeration. Cfc 503, freon 503 genetron 503, forane 503 freon is a registered trade name for e. Chlorofluorocarbon cfc products such as r 500 are no longer manufactured but are still used in a variety of systems, and service refrigerant is sometimes still available in reclaimed form in some developed countries including the united states. Chlorofluorocarbon cfc products such as r500 are no longer manufactured but are still used in a variety of systems, and service refrigerant is sometimes still available in reclaimed form in some developed countries. Freon refrigerants r11, r12, and r22, plus ammonia and water, will be discussed in terms of. Refrigerant properties courses, free refrigerant properties information, data sheets, pressure enthalpy diagrams.

Choose the refrigerants you need, select the size and well quote for free nextday delivery to anywhere in the country. The reclaimed refrigerant certification program includes purity specifications for reclaimed refrigerants. A replacement refrigerant for commercial applications. Explore all our product offerings in the honeywell city. Pdf analisis del comportamiento del refrigerante r4a al. Enter multiple sets of properties, mix air streams. They require something that can boil and condense near the temperatures at which they operate, but at different pressures. R12 has been retained to assist in making comparisons. The hot gas leaving the compressor condenses in the condenser via heat transfer to the environment. The potential for a single molecule of the refrigerant to destroy the ozone layer. The properties of zeotropic blends are somewhat different than traditional refrigerants. Refrigerant r4a properties thermodynamic properties of refrigerant r 4a. Opteon xp10 r5a refrigerant is a nonozone depleting potential odp, low global warming potential gwp hydrofluoroolefin hfo based replacement for r4a.

This app provides convenient access to refrigerant pressuretemperature pt charts as well as other physical properties for common refrigerants. Montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone. This app provides convenient access to refrigerant pressuretemper. Bubble and dew pressures are provided on the same line of the pt chart. The properties of selected refrigerants is shown in table. Information about refrigerant gas r 503 azeotropic mixture of refrigerant gas r and refrigerant gas r 23 with approximately 60% refrigerant gas r is for educational purposes only. The reclaimed refrigerant and refrigerant testing laboratory certification programs are based on this standard. Very high pressure cylinders refrigerant r r 23 r 503 r 508b r b1 refwtshipwt 14 34 11 31 12 32 12 32 17 37 refwtshipwt 19 49 15 45 16 46 17 47 12 52 refwtshipwt 74 211 58 198 64 206 65 205 89 229 important. Hvac buddy pressure temperature over 90 refrigerant combinations and their corresponding pt relationship in metric or imperial units. Opteon xp44 is wellsuited for use in directexpansion dx chillers. A specialty low temperature refrigerant that may be used to replace r and r503 in the low stage of cascade systems. Since the freezing temperature of most of refrigerant is below 35. Refrigerants physical properties engineering toolbox. A comparative study of the performance characteristics of.

Apps calculators software honeywell climate ticker. Freon 407c has been a popular r22 replacement because of its properties, which include. It is a safe, effective alternative to some chlorofluorocarbon cfc and hydrochlorofluorocarbon hcfc refrigerants, including r502. This a2l refrigerant is designed as a replacement for r4a, and can be used without major modifications in new equipment, including.

The sources of this information could not be validated. At very low temperatures, ethane has a high vapor pressure so this may work for low temperature applications only. Like small charge, plugin type cabinets, condensing units and monoblocks for cold rooms and freezer rooms, small chillers, heat pumps, and chillers. Freon 23 also works when retrofitting existing systems that use r and r 503, sometimes with slight system modifications required. Refrigerant conversion of autorefrigerating cascade arc. A comprehensive study of the performance of these refrigerants is made based on the results of the analysis. Propane is good refrigerant for almost anything greater than 40c.

Download a pdf copy of the pressure enthalpy chart for both metric and imperial units. Freon 23 also works when retrofitting existing systems that use r and r503, sometimes with slight system modifications required. These properties are pressure, temperature, volume, density, enthalpy, flammability, ability to mix with oil, moisture reaction, odor, toxicity, leakage tendency, and leakage detection. The purpose of this standard is to establish purity specifications, to verify composition, and to specify the associated methods of testing for acceptability of the refrigerants listed in section 2. Genetron is a registered trade name for allied signal corporation. Tables for r11, r, r1, r114, r141b, r142b, r500, r502, r503, and r720 neon may be found in the 1997 ashrae handbookfundamentals. Applications solstice n r 450a is an excellent medium pressure, low gwp. It is suitable for new and retrofit systems, offering an optimal balance of properties, including high energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. This alternative to r22 in positive displacement air conditioning ac equipment can also. The next task is to use a refrigerant that has useful properties. Very high pressure refrigerant recovery system model rs. Revised formulations have been used for many refrigerants. It can be used in new commercial refrigeration equipment and for the retrofit of existing systems. R22 pressure enthalpy chart the engineering mindset.

Chemours refrigerant expert tool for opteon refrigerants calculate important data on the go. In this paper, a software package for the thermodynamic properties. For most of the current common refrigerants you can also view several additional thermodynamic properties enthalpy, entropy, specific heat, etc. Used with alkylbenzene ab lubricants, general applications for freon 124 include extending the life of r114 chillers and retrofitting r114 in. Popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The model rs503c3 microprocessor controlled very high pressure refrigerant recovery system is designed to recover a series of very high pressure refrigerants used in cascade refrigeration systems and environmental test chambers. It has long been used in a variety of airconditioning and refrigeration applications in a variety of. The national institute of standards and technology nist has developed refprop.

The discharge temperature does not increase significantly compared to r, in contrast to the increase seen with r 23. The types of information addressed in this section include. The refrigerant reference pages are a subweb courtesy of refrigerant supply inc. We describe azeotropic mixtures containing hfc23 as possible replacements for r503. Missimer polycold systems international, 67 mark drive, san rafael, ca 949032264, u. The freon refrigerant portfolio includes freon 23 r23 refrigerant for equipment that needs to maintain very low temperatures vlt, such as medical freezers and environmental chambers. Similar cooling capacity, energy efficiency, and pressures as r22 in systems. Chlorofluorocarbon cfc products such as r500 are no longer manufactured but are still used in a variety of systems, and service refrigerant is sometimes still available in reclaimed form in some developed countries including the united states. Compositions of refrigerant blends significant new. Production of the r500 refrigerant halted on january 1, 2006 because of its environmentally harmful chemical makeup. Freon 23 is a nonflammable refrigerant that works well in applications where a high compressor discharge temperature is not a concern.

Refrigerantcode is a refrigerant thermal system simulation calculator with active pressure enthalpy and temperature enthalpy charts and refrigerant thermodynamics. Use in low pressure centrifugal chillers, which are most often used to cool large buildings. As a refrigerant, operates with higher system pressures but low compressor displacement. Thermodynamic properties of refrigerant r 22 properties of r22 vapor volume, enthalpy and entropy at pressures from 30 to 260 psia tag search en. Refrigerant supply inc provides this information in its website as a free value to anyone who cares about environmental or chemical issues. Freon 124 r124 refrigerant r114 retrofit refrigerant. Both r503 and r are ozonedepleting refrigerants and will be. Cfc503, freon503 genetron503, forane503 freon is a registered trade name for e. Opteon xp30 r514a refrigerant is a nonozone depleting, low global warming potential gwp hydrofluoroolefin hfo based replacement for r123. R507a has properties that match those of r502 closely, making it a good refrigerant for some medium and most low temperature refrigeration applications.

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