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A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. In the outsiders what gas station does sodapop work at answers. In 1983, a film adaptation of the novel was released, directed by francis ford coppola. Its been a year and so after all the drama that had taken place. Dx known by the customers we keep like the ones seen worn by sodapop curtis and.

Hintonaccording to wikipedia, the outsiders is a comingofage novel by s. Like his brother darrel, hes fashionplate handsome, and since hes a curtis, hes smart, athletic, and hardworking to boot. Dx service station, 1960s dx was a popular gasoline brand. In the movie pony, johnny and dally go the dx gas station before the movies and they go to a drug store in the book. He is a high school dropout and works at the local gas station.

Ponyboy michael curtis a 14yearold boy who is the narrator and main character in the outsiders. Mid continent retail signs gas service old gas stations oil and gas oklahoma great places wind turbine abandoned abandoned dx on us 77, south of wynnewood, ok bill presley vintage retail signs ads americana. Rumble fish, tex, and of course, the outsiders, which was written when she was just 16 years old. Jul 8, 2017 my granddaddy owned a dx station in logansport, ky. A new overall head manager for sodas workplace, the dx gas station, was. An outsiders movie site in sperry set to be restored. A new overall head manager for sodas workplace, the dx gas station, was introduced and surprise, surprise, he has a daughter. Im in love with the outsiders and we all know we have a crush on at least one of them, so why not make a. Patrick swayze has makeup applied before a scene during the filming of the outsiders. Thomas howell, matt dillon, ralph macchio, patrick swayze, rob lowe, emilio. See more ideas about old gas stations, gas station and gas pumps. Soda pop patrick curtis ponyboys 16goingon17yearold brother.

The greasers have resumed their normal lives, despite what had happened to johnny, dally, and as for sodapop. A gofundme account has been started for what is being called the outsiders dx museum. Sodapop curtis the outsiders study guides and book summaries. Soda is his brother and steve is sodas best friend. May 02, 2009 the outsiders deleted scene three duration. Then sodapop picks her up and takes her to the dx gas station where she doe.

On their way to the rumble with socs, sodapop chants about his shamelessness to be a greaser. The outsiders house museum is dedicated to the preservation of the home and memorabilia used in the outsiders, filmed by francis ford. It distributes fuel to more than 7,300 sunocobranded gas stations, almost all of which are owned and operated by third parties. When sodapop was in high school, the one ponyboy goes to, he did not make good enough grades so he dropped out of high school. Trivia questions and answers this category is for questions and answers related to outsiders, the. The album is the 128 page album and this one contains 6 uncut sheets of stamps and they are still firmly secured to the album book. Jul 07, 2018 mabel curtis is the youngest sister of darry, sodapop, and ponyboy curtis. Sperry dx gas station admiral twin drivein theatre ponyboy curtiss house crutchfield playground dairy queen utotem convenience store. In the book the outsiders why did sodapop work at a gas. Dx gas station chapter 2, an outsiders fanfic fanfiction. May 18, 2009 i only know of one, and i just read and took a test on that book for my reading class.

Hes got dark brown recklessly, dancing eyes and a goofy grin that you cant help but love which is noted by ponyboy after getting jumped by the socs. She was eightyearsold when their parents passed away. The outsiders is a comingofage novel and the first book written by s. Sodapop works at the gas station almost every day because it does not pay well enough. Its also mentioned that he attracts girls like flies to honey, it is also said that girls, both soc and greasers will get gas there just to stare and flirt with him. Hinton joined the team, oversaw production of the movie, and even had a brief moment in the. Also you see the scene where dally robs the store which is only mention once in. Exact replica dx service station patch set 2 pieces.

Thomas howell ponyboy curtis, matt dillon dallas winston in the outsiders. Its working at the dx gas station, i think thats him. Dx gas station corner of main and cincinnati sperry, ok. If you bought the album you received these as started sheets to get you going to complete the set. Restoration planned for sperry gas station that was outsiders. Hinton was only 17 years old when she started writing the book, and had it published when she was 18. Sodapop patrick curtis is the middle curtis boy, and one of three deuteragonists of the outsiders.

No teams 1 team 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams 8 teams 9 teams 10 teams custom press f11 select menu option view enter fullscreen for fullscreen mode. Dx gas sign old gas stations, old gas pumps, the outsiders. Dx was a popular gasoline brand in the midcontinent region of the u. A dx service station in sperry also was among film sites. In the late 1960s, sunray dx merged with sun oil company sunoco and continued to market both the sunoco and dx brands until the late 1980s. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Explore the locations where the outsiders movie was filmed. Dx gas station chapter 1, an outsiders fanfic fanfiction.

Johnny cade also stays out of trouble until he kills bob. Gary coulson, president of upward sperry, unlocks the door of the former dx service station, which was a filming site for the 1983 film the outsiders based on the book by s. Some are abandoned, some are restored and many are still in use. Hes said to be movie star handsome, and has silky, dark gold hair real tuff that he combs back. Dx gas stationwhat kind of gas station is this madras plaid what kind of shirts are madras tasty freezewhat is the tasty freeze corvair brief explanation of what it is paul newman why he is famous great expectations what the book is about corvette brief explanation of what it is readers digest what is this. Then you would have to go to the gas station to try and complete the set. Outer archives page 8 of 8 the outsiders house museum. No he does not, that is steve who works with soda at the dx station. Up for sale is a vintage window sticker decal featuring the famous flying a gasoline logo. Although soda is a high school dropout, he holds down a job at the local dx gas station while darry works two jobs to support his brothers. The outsiders gas station scene a joseph thielen production. Rare 30second tv spot for the outsiders august 31, 2018 tour the outsiders film locations.

The outsiders house may be the most famous location where the francis ford coppola movie, based on a book by s. Restoration planned for sperry gas station that was. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel, butdid most of the work when she was sixteen and a junior in high school. A grand opening for the outsiders house museum in tulsa is scheduled in august. In the outsiders does anyone know what darrys two jobs are. From the curbside gas pumps of the 1920s, to the fullservice, uniformed attendants of the 1930s50s, to todays selfservice stations, witzel thoroughly educates the reader about the history of a little considered, but important need for the motoring public. The outsiders 1983 filming locations the movie district. Outsiders, the trivia questions and answers page 4. Sunoco lp is an american master limited partnership organized in delaware and headquartered in dallas, texas, that is a wholesale distributor of motor fuels.

Ponyboy, a young member of a small gang of greasers, is leaving a movie theater when a group of socs. I am fascinated by these old stations and the era they represent. Shop gas station tshirts created by independent artists from around the globe. Sodapop gave up his education to work at a dx gas station and uses the money he makes though not much to support the family. The partnership is controlled by energy transfer partners the partnership was formerly known as sun company. Mid continent retail signs gas service old gas stations oil and gas oklahoma great places wind turbine abandoned. In 1983, francis ford coppola received a letter signed by a classroom full of students from fresno california who had read s. Firestone tires old gas pumps gas service old gas stations filling station porcelain. February 18, 2019 stay gold, film tulsa event during sundance film festival 2019 2018. Sodapop dropped out of school to work at the dx gas station. He had already given up on her, knowing that she wasnt going to return. The outsiders cast the outsiders imagines the outsiders fanfiction young matt dillon dallas winston fear of the unknown darry stay gold.

Hinton and i forgot wasnt sodapop the one who worked in the dx gas station. His parents have been killed in an automobile accident, and he lives with his two brothers. He is a wisecracker who always has to get in his twobits. Darry actually works as a roofer and his other job is not said. Personality, and he backs that up with lots of heart. Shop dx sign the outsiders tshirts designed by woodsman as well as other the outsiders merchandise at teepublic. Nov 24, 2008 where did sodapop and darry worked in the book the outsiders. Her usual routine is darry dropping mabel off at school every morning before he goes to work. As sodapop is a greaser, he is a part of the conflict of the gangs, getting into fightsrumbles at times.

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