Nba 2k14 chandler parsons cyberface download

Regarding fiba 2k14, a follow up update will be released in the next couple of days that updates chinas jerseys and adds a couple of cyberface updates, named fiba 2k14 v4. Nba 2k14 mackubex roster xx 201920 nba season mackubex roster xx 201920 nba season v7 changelog april 12, 2020. Combined with the ability to start a new association mode game from today, this effectively gives you a prefree agency, nba 2k1415 game to. Nba 2k14 chandler parsons cyberface patch v2 nba2k. Chandler parsons cyberface update nba 2k14 at moddingway. A new cyberface file for chandler parsons of the houston rockets to replace the horrible default 2k face of him in nba 2k14. So here, we have the customized versions of the shooting forms of various players for nba 2k14. Can you do a chandler parsonsgallinari kind of player with no tattoos. The tattoo is not on the right arm but the left and the cyberface does not look as good in the game than the picture weird nose and stuff. In addition to the roster update, 2k sports added julius dr.

Chandler parsons has elevated his game to allstar status, and james harden was in the discussion for league mvp all year long. Chandler parsons face and body model by arteezy for 2k20. In one of the best sports games made, 2k also had the best face scan jordans ever had. If you want the best sports app, download thescore. He played college basketball for the university of florida and was drafted by the houston rockets with the 38th overall pick in the 2011 nba draft. Here you will find the latest news and updates from 2k sports, along with extensive collection of mods, rosters, tutorials, patches and other downloadable game content for the pc version. Cyber faces for nba 2k14 at moddingway nba 2k14 patches. Check out free agent player chandler parsons and his rating on nba 2k20. This is a complete mod that will update your nba 2k14 pc rosters as of october 6, 2014.

The real 2k insider breaking down nba 2k rosters since 2003. Patches, mods, updates, cyber faces, rosters, jerseys, arenas for nba 2k14. Payne capital caris levert carmelo anthony carmeloanthony cavaliers cavs cba cedi osman celtics center cf cf id cf id list cfs id list chandler chandler parsons changelog. Chris douglasroberts, jeff green, josh mcroberts, chandler parsons, jeremy lin. Chandler parsons nba career is in jeopardy after getting injured in a car accident. Nba 2k20 kyle kuzma cyberface and and body model by weiwu. Nba 2k19 and nba 2k18 and 2k14 mods pc download mods, cyber faces, roster updates and latest news from 2k sports. Download chandler parsons cyberface update for nba 2k14 at moddingway. Sign up for the hoopshype daily email newsletter for the top stories every day. Parsons suffered multiple severe and permanent injuries including a. Download latest nba 2k14 roster updates to keep up with the changes in real world basketball in your nba 2k14. Download 2019 full cyberface pack part 1 on the website. Updates the hair of houston rockets small forward chandler parsons in nba 2k14. Houston rockets forward chandler parsons shaved his head before the christmas game.

Stay connected with me following the links below youtube. This is a discussion on nba2k14 modding thread and discussion within the nba 2k pc forum forums. Using the modding method exclusice to pc, sorry playstation and xbox users cyberfacing, r4zor has given us some professional level renditions of some of the players that really lit up this years summer league. Remember if you enjoyed the video in any way please thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. We add stephon marburys cyberface to the game since we will be adding him to the next nba roster update for the july 2 update. Nba 2k14 assigning a cyberface to myplayer gaming stop. Nba 2k14 chandler parsons cyberface shaved head nba2k. The most indepth player ratings in sports gaming, developed using available statistics found on basketballreference, 82games, hoopdata, draftexpress, and synergy sports contracts 100% accurate thanks to mark deeks and his. This is a tutorial on how to assign your custom cyberface to your myplayer. Nlsc forum the daemons fictional cyberfaces for my. Due to the release of nba 2k14, i will not be updating this thread anymore. Mavericks nba 2k16 ratings released, chandler parsons gets no respect new, 9 comments if youre looking for a fun rebuilding project in this years game, you may want to. This patch updates his cyberface in the nba 2k14 to. This nba 2k14 patch gives chandler parsons a better cyberface in the game.

You can get some great mods for nba 2k14 from our download center. Chandler parsons 2 versions hd cyberface released nba. I am a new modder for nba 2k14 posting new cyberfaces and mods. Michael jordans face has been declining ever since nba 2k11.

This nba 2k14 patch updates chandler parsons cyberface in the game. Nba 2k14 pc roster 201415 preseason update v7 nba2k. Mavericks nba 2k16 ratings released, chandler parsons gets. After a bit of digging i found via operationsports that the 2k14 ultimate base roster featured here previously, has been updated and now includes a postdraft nba 2k14 roster. Head coach kenny atkinson of the brooklyn nets now also has a cyberface after being reported to have missing his cyberface in the update. Nba2k14 modding thread and discussion operation sports.

New head shape, hair style, and face texture with beard. Download chandler parsons 2 versions hd cyberface released for nba 2k14. This patch for nba 2k14 replaces the ugly 2k cyberface of chandler parsons with a realistic one. Similar to the last roster update where some players had the wrong portrait image, luigi datome has an image of antonis fotsis as seen above. Can i download something similar to this mod for xbox or ps3ps4. Nba 2k14 chandler parsons cyberface update another creation by r4zor for nba 2k14. Nlsc forum ultimate 2k14 draft class mackubex roster. Nba 2k14 roster update adds luigi datome, ian clark, nick.

Chandler parsons is an american professional basketball player for the atlanta hawks of the national basketball association. Mackubex roster xx 201920 nba season february update link 1 or link 2. The hairstyle and facial hair in this cf are more accurate compared to 2ks. Chandler parsons nba 2k ratings nba player hoopshype. Some of the shooting forms in nba 2k14 just dont feel right. Chandler parsons with beard correct headshape image.

Enter your cf id, portrait id can be the same with cf. Real 2k insider nba 2k14 menu features 2k share download rosters y button to search by gamertag. Nba 2k14 realistic shooting forms patch hoopsvilla. Here are some more great updates for nba live 08 that youll be able to enjoy with the upcoming 201220 rosters. We also updated buddy hield and domantas sabonis cyberfaces for the nba roster. Nba and euro court reflections by jaosming download at nlsc. Winning it all by the outfield used on nbc when showing video of nba champions 02. Mods, patches, updates, tools for nba 2k14 at moddingway. Sirius by alan parsons project chicago bulls intro music 05. Extract the contents of the cyberface pack into your 2k directory default. No, ubr does not overwrite any current nba game content. Youtuber r4zor has created some amazing replicas of the incoming 20172018 nba rookie class.

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