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The box distribution was reported a week or so ago on some random youtube channel so i thought id wait until it was corroborated by someone more trustworthy before reporting on it. Lego collectible minifigures 71017 series 17 feel guide. The lego ninjago movie collectible minifigures 71019 feel. Lego collectible minifigures 71024 disney series 2 feel guide. I also went ahead and marked the bump codes to show you as well. This is nearly an exact copy of the clockwork robot from lego minifigures series 6. Lego has eliminated the figurinespecific bar codes on all series 3 and 4 packets and replaced them with a. There has been no indication that the lego collectible minifigures series 17 will have the.

This guy comes with a little penguin, which is easy to feel in the bag. Lego the movie series 2 wizard of oz minifigure series complete set of 20 71023 4. However, it seems they are even harder to see now than they were with series 3. Minifigures is a 2010 lego theme based on a set of collectible lego minifigures. Among its elements the two that really stand out are the neckbracket and the square head. I went ahead and marked the bump codes to show you as well.

I noticed that there was a guy in a banana suit on the package. This time around im unbagging lego series 17 figures. Like last time, the minifigs are a bit tougher to decipher because the lego group changes the bump patterns between batches. And that hope is that, once again, theres a lego simpsons minifigures series 2 codes list, detailing some of the actual bump codes needed to pull the character you want every time sometimes im lucky trying to decipher whats in a lego blind bag solely by touch and sometimes im not. This is by far my favorite series because all of the minifigures are halloweenmonster themed. Jan 14, 2014 lego minifigures series 9 are hitting stores now. Other series also unique bump codes which may be able to used to identify the minifigures. Jun 27, 2018 on august 1st, the first series of lego harry potter minifigures will his the shelves. This series introduced sixteen new parts and used ten from previous series. Each series usually contain 16 different minifigures, however some series contain as few as 9 minifigures, while others contain up to 22. The lego minifigures party series features an array of exciting newforapril2018 costumes and accessories, including a lego brick.

Top lego series 16 bump codes deals at mysimon online. Lego, the lego logo, the minifigure, duplo, legends of chima, ninjago, bionicle, mindstorms and mixels are trademarks and s of the lego group. Minifigure bump codes mini figures, coding, lego minifigures. Lego have done a much better job this time, dialing down the obscure villains and novelty batcostumes and introduced a much more balanced lineup of main characters, obscure dc super heroes and disco friends and family minifigs. They reportedly appeared in early august at a few locations, such as legoland billund, denmark. Lego minifigures series 16 bump codes lego minifigures series 16 710. Lego series 12 collectible minifigure 71007 space miner. You can find the batch number stamped onto each bag in the area where the dots appear. Lego minifigures series 19 find em guide bricksfanz. The colour for the bag for this series is scarlet red.

This series has the most printing on any other minifigure series. Lego minifigures series 15 71011 minifigures buy online. Lego minifigure, series 7 complete random set of 1 minifigure, itemtype. The lego minifigure disney series 2, features 18 new collectible characters, and just like the lego movie 2 series, they are packaged a little differently this time around. Shop for harry potter lego minifigures online at target. Lego minifigures series 9 bump codes 10 minifigs with. Lego collectible minifigures 71024 disney series 2 feel. Reports, news, pics, videos, discussions and documentation from a studded world. The 22 new figures will be available everywhere starting august 1st, just behind the release of many new lego harry potter sets including the new. Sep 10, 2016 lego minifigures series 16 bump codes. I managed to get the five minifigures i wanted, right every time by feeling the bags. Lego series 14 monsters complete set of bump codes.

As with series 3 through 6, the polybags are bump coded, meaning that the bottoms of the bags have a series of bumps that form patterns. I also went ahead and marked the bump codes to show. This was the same method as in series 7, but the actual coding was different. Look for his armor and feel the circle at the center. This is by far my favorite series because all of the minifigures are halloween monster themed. Lego enthusiasts know about a little thing called bump codes.

Lego series 15 collectible minifigure 71011 laser mech. Unikitty setsblind bag figures page 4 brickset forum. This is also one of the minifig series to have a bump code at the bottom of the. Legos esteemed collectible minifigures theme returns in 2018 with a sequel to last years first batman movie minifigure series with more characters from the lego batman movie to collect batman movie series 2 officially released in early january and like its predecessor features a whopping 20 minifigures to hunt down. Collect this exciting new series of lego minifigure characters and create new and wonderful adventures. Grandpa is the only minifigure with this type of tile within the series.

The banana suit guy was the easiest one to find because his banana is really easy to feel in the bag. Love to get the black knight and a few aztecs, thanks for the codes vault. His hood and camera are pretty good indicators of his being in the bag you are holding. Lego building bricks bump coding posts mini messages. As with all the other series, this one has minifigures based on television, movies, video games, and townspeople that cannot be found in regular sets. Well also cover elements that can get confused with others within the series. When series 2 was first unveiled, the entire cast of minifigures felt a. Notes this minifigures series has a gender ratio of 5. Given this lack of consistency in the bump codes the best tactic to find the. Apr 30, 2014 lego simpsons codes list for minifigures blind bags. Lego 71021 collectible minifigures series 18 feel guide. Kuhrt back in the good old days, lego used to make things easy for lego minifigures series collectors with reliable bump codes on each lego minifigure blind bag, allowing the contents to be easily discerned by lego collectors.

I point out what to feel for in the bag to know which minifigure you are getting and the bump codes. The coffeemug might be easy to feel, but it is the same as the librarians, so it is the twobytwo tile representing the newspaper you want to look for to confirm you got the right minifigure. Every minifigure features high detail including special, often purposemade, accessories and a black display base, with the exception of 8909 team gb minifigures, which has a white display case. Lego has printed codes on the bottom of the foil packs. Ive heard that bump codes vary by distribution batch or somesuch, so your mileage may vary since filipe lives in portugal. The first two series of the lego collectible minifigures series 1 and 2 have unique barcodes on the polybags which makes identifying the minifigures possible. These bump codes are designed to be much more difficult to distinguish. The pigtails and babys body in this bag are the things i found easiest to discern. I spend 3 hours trying to identify unikitty cmf with no success even with the bump codes question we have been already aware that it will be almost impossible to identify the unikitty cmf bags with the feeling method and i was counting on the bump codes. I kept track of some minifigure series 18 bump codes. Each figure is an original character with new clothing and facial designs, and most contain previously unseen accessories. Complete guide to lego minifigures series 1 through 18. Different minifigure series may require different approaches, from barcodes to patterns of dots or dimples to.

Collectable minifigures series 19 are starting to show up in shops in europe, including in tesco in the uk. Lego minifigures series 16 bump codes chronicles of nothing. Jan 06, 2015 10 thoughts on lego minifigures bump codes series part 1 shannon january 12, 2015 at 5. I happen to be on holiday in utah, stopped by a target, and found a bunch on the pegs. I am happy that i found the roman and minotaur, but upset. Combine with lego building sets for endless play possibilities. Lego creations disney drawings legos bump thats not my brick geek stuff comic books coding. There are online bump codes to study packs have unique bumps on the back bottom seal, but rumor has it they are also number tagged, so its getting pretty ridiculous.

Online specifications and shopping results for lego series 16 bump codes from. Enjoy exciting, new adventures with series 15 of the lego minifigures collectibles. Lego minifigures disney series 2 findem guide bricksfanz. Aug 19, 2019 collectable minifigures series 19 are starting to show up in shops in europe, including in tesco in the uk. Mar 07, 2011 pappa pez apps, mini collector bump codes, dot codes, iphone, mini collector, minifigures, series 4 12 comments yes, the series 4 bags have codes just like the series 3 ones have. Apr 23, 2019 with the latest series of lego minifigures starting to appear early in stores, its the perfect time to break out our popular lego minifigure find em guide. Apr 24, 20 to help lego fans out, here is a guide on the particular lego pieces and accessories you should feel for when trying to locate a particular minifig in lego minifigures series 10. Lego minifigures series 5 are out on shelves, and here we go again. Pappa pez apps, mini collector bump codes, dot codes, iphone, mini collector, minifigures, series 4 12 comments yes, the series 4 bags have codes just like the series 3 ones have. This time around we have a series of minifigures from harry potter fantastic beasts. Every minifigure comes with one or more accessories, plus a display plate, collectors leaflet and a unique game code. The turnkey is unique, but it tends to be hard to pin down while feeling through the baggie. Lego the batman movie collectible minifigures complete set of 20 71017 3. Is there a reliable way to determine what minifigure is in a lego.

Lego simpsons codes list for minifigures blind bags. The lego batman movie minifigures series 2 is 100% stronger offering that its predecessor. When hunting for lego minifigures in blind bags, the best method for confidently identifying the character you want is by feeling the components in the packet and targeting the distinguishing components for that character. The theme features new accessories such as maracas, microphones, skirts, guitars, and other new elements such as hair styles, hats, and helmets.

Lego minifigures series collections an overview lego ask. We will just go straight down the check list provided in each of the blind packs with the bump codes and the unique pieces you should try to feel for. Lego collectible minifigures series 19 71025 feel guide. This time around we have a series of minifigures in costumes. Bump lego coding bathroom toys mini washroom activity toys bath room. On august 1st, the first series of lego harry potter minifigures will his the shelves. This is one of the thicker packs because of the wing piece. Meet the queen, animal control officer, jewel thief, tribal woman.

I had heard about bump codes and seen charts but had no idea what that meant until i came across your blog entry for series 12. Blind bag codes lists bricks and bloks lego 2016 sets. The fifth series of collectable minifigures was first revealed at the nuremburg toy fair in february, where all sixteen minifigures were put on display. Lego series 9 plus bump codes mini figures, lego creations, lego. Lego minifigures series 10 bump codes toyriffic reader filipe graciously created and sent in this graphic which shows all the lego minifigure series 10 bump codes. They are little raised 3d bumps that are located at the bottom of the back package that indicate what the contents are inside. I still recommend the tried and true squeeze method.

Lego minifigures collection features 18 iconic disney. Which means they have started to appear in stores already. Lego batman movie minifigures series 2 jays brick blog. Some of these figures are stupidly easy to identify and others can be really tricky.

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