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Useful bible studies 2 corinthians commentary chapter 8. Just as paul wrote to the corinthians in the wake of their repentance from divisions and quarrels, the message for today is clear. A bible study in easyenglish 2800 word vocabulary on the book of 2. Since his departure and subsequent ministry in ephesus, the apostle has learned a great deal about the serious problems fermenting in this assembly. Although paul wrote a severe letter he did so with tears and great sorrow. Second corinthians reminds us that even as christians, we hurt each other and need to forgive those who wrong us 2 corinthians 2. Paul, an apostle of jesus christ by the will of god, and timothy our brother, to the church of god which is at corinth, with all the saints who are in all achaia. Paul returns to discussing the two covenants, declaring that he and his colleagues were ministers of the new covenant. Tom constables expository notes on 2 corinthians this is also available in the net. In 2 corinthians, paul resolves his conflict with the corinthians by showing. It is stamped with his style and contains more autobiographical material than any of his other writings. Charles hodge was a professor at princeton seminary in the nineteenth century and a stalwart reformed theologian. The blue letter bible ministry and the blb institute hold to the historical, conservative christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of scripture.

Fees commentary replaced the nicnt volume on 1 corinthians by f. His commentary on the letters to the corinthians is a classic. For god, who said, let light shine out of darkness, made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of god in the face of christ. Bible study questions on 2 corinthians and galatians introduction. Dont mistake meekness for weakness commentary on the book of 2 corinthians by paul g. Paul wrote this letter to the church in corinth to defend and protect his apostleship, and to teach and warn against false teachers who were spreading heresy. The purpose of ii corinthians was in paul defending his apostleship and the gospel, which was given to him directly from jesus christ. The bible book of 2 corinthians with full chapters, footnotes and bible commentary to aid your bible search, reading, and study. Study the bible online using commentary on 2 corinthians and more. Read 2 corinthians commentary using matthew henry commentary on the whole bible complete. He finds a great deal more unity in the letter, and shows that the letter is better understood as we have it in the canonical form. Study 2 corinthians using matthew henrys bible commentary concise to better understand scripture with full outline and verse meaning.

Frank matera provides a commentary that is a close study of the backgrounds and language of the text while also providing important theological insights into the message of paul for his time and for the contemporary church. An exegetical and theological exposition of holy scripture the new american commentary book 29 kindle edition by garland, david e download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. We do not think that we have that letter in the bible. The system of numbering notes was designed for the printed book and is used throughout the text to refer to other notes. Check out this commentary, summary and key verses about the book of 2 corinthians. Hes not afraid to critique other scholars including barrett and he is very persuasive.

The best 2 corinthians commentaries are listed below. An outcome of this production was the new testament for english readers 4 vols. A bible study in easyenglish 2800 word vocabulary on the book of 2 corinthians. It is a general opinion among learned men that this epistle. Garland also provides concise historical background to help you better understand the context of each biblical book. Paul is trying to encourage corinths christians to give generously, to help the poor christians in judea. So he reminds the christians in corinth how well they are doing in so many matters. A pentecostal commentary every serious student of the bible desires to understand the text, discover the biblical principles, and apply the truths to hisher life. The life for today commentary notes on this web site are taken from the printed life for today study bible series. They think that 2 corinthians chapters 10 is the severe letter.

They were mingled together like seasoning on a food dish, some salt, some pepper. In this addition to the awardwinning becnt series, a respected new testament scholar offers a substantive evangelical commentary on 2 corinthians. A workbook suitable for bible classes, family studies, or. Enduring word bible commentary 2 corinthians chapter 1. The book of 2 corinthians sheds much light on pauls gospel ministry and is one of his most personal letters. Here also he continues in his endeavour to reach the hearts and feelings of the. Pauls so called second letter to the corinthians is actually the fourth letter that he wrote to corinth. This commentary on ii corinthians in the new testament library continues the exemplary quality of the series. Click the bible to visit the new being developed more resources, better tools and easier navigation.

A selection of the best commentaries and bible study resources on the book of 2 corinthians. A commentary and bible study on pauls second epistle to the corinthian church. The corinthians knew about triumphs, for the triumph of l. You will also find options for commentaries on 2 corinthians that help pastors, teachers, and readers with application of the bible, commentaries that approach the scripture versebyverse, classic christian commentaries, and much more. Praise for divine encouragement in times of trouble 1. David guzik commentary on 2 corinthians 1, where paul praises the god of all comfort in times of distress, and then defends his ministry. Book of 2 corinthians bible survey what is the history and significance of the church in corinth. In his most personal letter, paul delivers a message about a suffering.

What are the most commonly asked questions about the book of 2 corinthians. Link to zondervan academic this is the first revised commentary i have used in the word biblical commentary since zondervan took over the series a few years ago. Since his departure and subsequent ministry in ephesus, the apostle has learned a great deal about the serious. In 2 corinthians, the apostle paul confronts lingering doubts about his integrity and ministry and implores the church to reconcile with him. Mummius over the conquest of corinth was one of the most splendid spectaculars the world had ever seen. Some translations divide this chapter into verses following the nestlealand greek new testament of 1520 a. Book of 2 corinthians 2 corinthians chapter 1 2 corinthians chapter 2 2 corinthians chapter 3 2 corinthians chapter 4 2 corinthians chapter 5 2 corinthians chapter 6 2 corinthians chapter 7 2 corinthians chapter 8. The first epistle to the corinthians best commentaries. Carson recommends garlands commentary on 2 corinthians as second only to c. Grace to you and peace from god our father and the lord jesus christ. The book of 2 nd corinthians is a pauline epistle letter from paul. We admire the frank honesty of david lipscomb who said, but this 2 corinthians.

Book of 2 corinthians matthew henrys bible commentary. The christian life is impossible to live without 2 corinthians. An easyenglish bible version and commentary 2800 word vocabulary on the book of 2 corinthians. Home faq books of the bible 2 corinthians questions about 2 corinthians. James rosscup writes that this was the great work in the life of the versatile dean of canterbury. Garlands introduction to the letter argues for the unity of 2 corinthians, although the details of that argument is the commentary itself. Henry alford 2 corinthians commentary the greek new testament.

Verses 1 2 the book of exodus chapters 17 and psalm 105. Pauls opinion about the church at corinth 2 corinthians 8. This summary of the book of 2 corinthians provides information about the title, authors, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of 2 corinthians. The book of 2 corinthians was very likely written approximately a. Top 5 commentaries on the book of 2 corinthians ligonier ministries. In this book, we can see that there were times of joy with paul, but there were also times of great sorrow. Brief biographies and helpful indexes round out this outstanding resource.

Explain how 2 corinthians relates to 1 corinthians. In 2 corinthians, paul resolves his conflict with the corinthians by. This commentary is designed to help students, pastors, and bible teachers understand 2 corinthians in a simple manner. Best commentaries and books on 2 corinthians logos bible. The key personalities of this book are the apostle paul, timothy, and titus. The thing that upsets the commentators is that no one knows anything about that second visit, except as indicated here, that it was a sad one. New american commentary nac 9780805401295 by david e. Ii corinthians bible study mike mazzalongo bibletalk. Wilsons complete bible studies in pdf, kindle, or paperback format. Interesting facts about 2 corinthians barnes bible charts author. A learned commentary, fully abreast of the latest literary. But some people think that 2 corinthians may actually be two letters. Nov 03, 2016 watch our overview video on 2 corinthians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Book of second corinthians overview insight for living.

It is estimated this second letter was written at the end of the same year the first letter to the corinthians had been written, i. A workbook suitable for bible classes, family studies, or personal bible study available in print at. The church in corinth began in ad 52 when paul visited there on his second missionary journey. A free bible version and commentary on pauls first letter to the corinthians in easyenglish. Best 2 corinthians commentaries updated for 2020 best.

Following his partly good, partly not so good reports paul then wrote the second letter to the corinthians from macedonia 2 corinthians 9. It is the most personal of pauls letters and contains powerful spiritual lessons for disciples. Easyenglish is a system of simple english designed by wycliffe associates uk. Apple, september 2004 god vindicates the legitimate authority of new covenant ministers by transforming their apparent weaknesses into a demonstration of his grace and power my grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness. I and ii corinthians bob utley professor of hermeneutics biblical interpretation study guide commentary series new testament, vol. All of scripture is given to us by god and vital for depth with him 2 cor. Scholars have supplied a recent visit gone awry to explain this, but wire argues that the corinthians have not kept the restrictions paul laid down in his earlier letter. He stayed one and a half years, accomplishing much for the. George guthrie leads readers through the intricacies of literary structure, word meanings, cultural backdrop, and theological proclamation, offering insights applicable to modern ministry contexts. Study the bible online using commentary on 2 corinthians. An introduction to second corinthians an argument of second corinthians a selected bibliography of 1 and 2 corinthians daniel b. Read the book of 2 corinthians quickly and summarize the theme of the book. First, let me mention the problem of verse numbers.

Watch our overview video on 2 corinthians, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. When 2 corinthians is read as a whole in the early manuscripts, we hear a distraught and defensive paul, struggling to recover the respect of the corinthians that he assumed in 1 corinthians. Emphasizing theological unity of scripture as a whole, dr. Under the old covenant, god never gave the people the holy spirit.

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