Stock transfer and shareholder management software

The combination of superior functionality, a preferred technology platform, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service has given ts partners a blue. Iss products corporate universe, transfer agent software, stock. Carta is an secregistered transfer agent with bestinclass software. Manage dividendsdistributions, ach files, and direct deposit. Stocktransferonline online stock transfer services. We are an online stock transfer agent, financial services provider and consulting firm. Sockeyes shareholder management system is designed specifically for the. Granite shareholder management software streamlines the complexity of. Centralize and manage all aspects of client communications including. Offer liquidity by running oneoff transactions, tender offers, and stock buybacks. The system also offers ccorp or scorp dividend payments and reporting.

Stockholder software track and control stockholders, shares, book entry, and certificates. Print and process 1099divs, 1099bs, 1099misc, and reports for k1 processing. Reliable stock transfer reliable transfer services inc. Creation of certificates and certificate transfers to and from shareholders. The shareholder management application performs the complex task of managing stock splits, paying dividends, creating tax forms, and maintaining warrants and options. Private company transfer agent services colonial stock. Our corporate management systems start with the basics of stock ownership, options, warrants etc. Allow shareholders to see their stock and its origins along with transfer online. System was specifically designed for the sme, s corps, c corps, llcs, private or public corporations who selfmanage their shareholder and investor records. With their share management feature, you can easily manage your company shareholders like issue new shares, transfer existing shares, etc. Cu share a complete shareholder accounting and management sytems for banks, transfer agents and real estate investment trusts. Shareholder accounting software integrated software solutions. Basically, it is a cap table management software it gives many features like share management, issuance of company shares, waterfall analysis, etc. Shareholders accounts management specilized systems in.

Through our proprietary software, we provide our clients and their shareholders with immediate and online access to their information such like shares and shareholder data. Reliable has the management experience, operational expertise, and comprehensive software capabilities to provide quality transfer services for small cap companies. Transtar is a single, comprehensive system for managing bond and stock transfer. Shareholder accounting software providing complete stock transfer, dividend reinvestment, corporate action processing and proxy services in an integrated environment. Stock transfer management software transfer online solo.

The robust set of features includes printing of dividend checks or payments by ach, generating 1099s, electronic tax filing and printing certificates. Banks, transfer agents, and corporations use transtar to streamline their bondholder and shareholder recordkeeping. Camels consulting group camels is dedicated to supporting the expansion of shareholder wealth, capital placement, and providing innovative solutions that increase the stock liquidity of both privatelyheld and publiclytraded community banks. The realtime data feed solution provides unique flexibility to endusers institutional investors or retail and uses a fast, accurate and reliable engine to present the data. The shareholders management solution is an efficient platform to perform complete monitoring and management of shareholders registry. Fullservice fund accounting with realtime views of your. Privatelyheld companies that track investors on spreadsheets should consider using colonial stock transfers transfer agent services and online cap table management platform designed for private companies with more than 10 shareholders at affordable costs. Sensitivity and breakpoint analysis, payout and dilution modeling. Carta equity management solutions equity plans, cap tables. Granite is a modular software system designed to track and manage a variety of records and processes. Stockholder software cambridge technologies scorp, c.

Issue electronic securities to stakeholders, who can accept and exercise on carta. Carta formerly eshares is an ownership and equity management platform trusted by. Integrated software is dedicated to providing quality shareholder accounting software and related solutions. Send shares, notes, and options and track shareholders from our webbased platform for startups and professionals. Granite shareholder management software is a modular system designed to simplify todays most common ancsa shareholder transactions while providing the flexibility to meet companyspecific needs. Transtar is a single, comprehensive system for managing bond and stock. Their online platform is excellent and works especially well in tracking ownership migration and providing shareholder access to their stock accounts. Carta equity management solutions equity plans, cap. Stockholder software cambridge technologies scorp, ccorp.

Shareholder management application performs the complex task of managing stock splits. It handles common and preferred stock, stock options, rights, warrants, convertible. Their reporting system quickly provides us with all the data we need. Transtars superior functionality and browserbased platform make it the preferred solution for operations, administration and technology managers. Shareholders accounts management system manages transactions in the.

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