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Many portions of the longrunning british sciencefiction television programme doctor who are. The problem was, finding quality matching artwork for my tv and film collections was always difficult. Starring peter davison in resurrection of the daleks by eric swardonce the doctor is. The fully interactive doctor who vr game the edge of time, arrives in september. Today were delighted to reveal covers from december to marchs releases from our main range of doctor who stories simon holubs cover for decembers doctor who quicksilver shows colin baker as the sixth doctor accompanied by not one but two companions in the form of miranda raison and lisa greenwood. I do not have a dvd player it was a really enjoyable film read more. Post links or discussions of your favorite vhs cover art. Synaesthesia and doctor who part 1 early vhs, the five.

There are a number of different hosts for the series, including voice of the daleks nick briggs, robert dick and notably sophie aldred. Its not a proper episode but does however include some memorable moments such as the 6th doctor. Video and dvd covers for doctor who stories old and new, and lots more. You can find more matching covers for your search at findcdcovers find doctor who on. The cybermen art card collection who dares publishing. The film librarys remit covers material originated on film, not on videotape yet two. This thread covers all classic doctor who doctors 1 to 8 on dvd.

Christophers doctor who covers click here to edit subtitle 1st doctor. View, download and rate 4 doctor who profile covers. Myth makers is a professional series of documentaries about the principal creatives of doctor who. I also like how the us covers have got a pleasingly retro vibe that comes from them basically carrying over the vhs cover template. In this vid, im showing you my doctor who vhs collection, mostly made up of dalek, cybermen and master stories. Here you will find images from my years spent as the last of the traditional cover artists this area comprises of my cover artwork for the official bbc vhs tape releases in the early 1990s, as well as my marvel comics uk. Classic doctor who dvds reversible covers the trek bbs. The vhs also contained old video recordings of a doctor who convention in london with patrick troughton, colin baker, tom baker, jon. Theyre durable enough to prevent breakage, yet slim and lightweight. Doctor who magazine and classic comics cover artwork. According to warner entertainment arts wea, all vhs doctor who titles are now discontinued, and will no longer be available in vhs format. Doctor who vhs video tapes collection 2020 youtube. Since late 2011 i have started creating custom dvd covers for a variety of episodes of doctor who.

In order to watch the dvd on my windows 10 pc i had to download a free dvd player app from the windows store called any player. To mark the release of the final classic doctor who dvd, the four outstanding second doctor covers are now available to download from velvet jacket. The cybermen are well and truly back originally transmitted 816 march 1982, this four part adventure sees peter davison, the doctor s fifth incarnation, facing. The underwater menace, the moonbase, the enemy of the world and the web of fear.

I have a different philosophy about cover design for the series. Allcdcovers brings you the newest album art and the ultimate user experience with a friendly interface and complete music and movies information. There are currently na classic doctor who dvds that have been announcedreleased with na box sets. Buy doctor who dvds from amazon, the hut, zavvi, or base. My design philosophy for the covers although i liked the region 1 and region 2 covers, i preferred to design my own. If you would like to share some of your designs or just comment on what others have posted, this is the place to do it. Loose cannon productions was a british amateur video production company known for its many reconstructions of missing episodes of doctor who. More covers are being constantly added so feel free to pop back from time to time. Create standard and slim covers for cd, dvd, vhs, blue ray, playstation, ps3, psp. Doctor who video coversvhs uk covers tardis fandom. High resolution british vhs movie cover image for doctor who 1963. It is produced for the directtovideo market by reeltime pictures with most releases being interviews with a single cast or crew member. Choose from hard or soft cases featuring superbright, highquality prints that wont fade. Following a conversation about new ways to present stories from the original 1963 1996 series of doctor who to a new audience on dvd, i put together these examples for.

Yes, its taken me a while but i thought the end of the dvd range was a good moment to get the last handful of covers done and posted. The doctor meets elvis presley, albert einstein, amelia earhart and more in star tales. The doctor, leela and k9 are off to the time lords home world where the doctor has to outwit an. Over a period of some twenty years, all the thenexisting televised episodes of the series were released on vhs most.

This thread is for displaying and discussing custom dvd cover designs for doctor who. On november 23, 1963, the bbc launched the worlds longest running science fiction television series when it aired the premiere episode of. Recovered episodes have been extensively restored for release on vhs and dvd. William hartnell, patrick troughton, jon pertwee, tom baker, peter davison, colin baker, sylvester. Velvet jacket is now complete, with alternative covers for all the classic doctor who stories officially released on dvd. This might seem quite general but when recounting the rabid nature that built around collecting doctor who on vhs after the deletion of many sort after titles, might go some way to explain this. A fateful landing on earth in the 26th century find the tardis deep within a system of subterranian caves and even deeper within the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of a group of geologists working there. Doctor who dvd vhs cd wiki is a fandom tv community. Who dares brings you art of the cybermen as painted by the veteran doctor. Video and dvd covers for doctor who stories from both the classic and new series, in various styles including original vhs, later vhs, various dvd styles including region 1 covers and other miscellaneous covers.

You have a total of na dvds with na still to get to complete the collection. Starring peter davison in earthshock by eric sward so we meet again, doctor. Earthshock vhs cover, cybermen profile print, the invasion vhs cover. Includes highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Help yourself to some free big finish complete audio adventures.

All complete stories have been released, and now many incomplete stories have been released with reconstructions or animations to bridge the gaps, so far. All wea warehouse supplies of these titles are longago sold through. Vhs edit all 7 episodes are missing from the archives but loose cannon productions reconstructed telesnaps and put it on vhs. This excellent fourth doctor story takes us to gallifrey, where we see something of time lord society and intrigue. The seventh doctor comes to bluray for the first time from monday 27th january. The jetsons no space for sprockets vhs ferocious monk from shaolin vhs fighting ace vhs the trail beyond vhs felix the cat.

Events are catching up with mrs clarke but is the fate of her husband all that it seems. The answers provide a serious threat for the doctor as the and place is set for an encounter with his old arch enemies. Free download of the latest cd covers and dvd covers. Dimensions in time 1993 children in need paul hawkins. Each highres cover can be downloaded and printed to give your dvd collection a uniform look. The image measures 50 2324 pixels and is 1149 kilobytes large. Petrified cheese vhs yellowstone vhs mtv music awards vhs cold sweat lola 2 vhs velvet underground velvet redux live mcmxciii vhs the boldest job in the west vhs christmas comes but once a year vhs. Arriving in scotland at the request of the brigadier, the doctor discovers that the mysterious force which has destroyed three oil rigs has left giant teeth marks on the wreckage. Many years ago i started building up my digital media library. Video and dvd covers for doctor who stories from both the classic and new series, in various styles including original vhs, later vhs, various dvd styles. Cover story the classic doctor who dvd range the doctor. Chameleon circuit doctor who video and dvd covers, with.

Most existing sites failed to ensure that artwork was correct and of high quality, and often presented a lot of variations for each item. Doctor who missing in action 1993 a documentary about the missing episodes, featuring ian levine. Loose cannon used 16mm telerecordings, telesnaps and audio recordings, supplemented with new visual elements, including cgi animation. Choose the letter on the top of this page to select. This is a list of doctor who serials and episodes that have been released on vhs. See more ideas about blu ray movies, tardis, fiction series. The missing years 1998 a documentary about the lost doctor who episodes and recovery attempts, available on doctor who. Examples of the full dvd cover layout, using the first the time meddler, 1965, and sixth doctors timelash, 1985. Wartime is the title of a short science fiction film, produced directtovideo in 1987 by reeltime. Click on the logo buttons above to view and download covers from the relevant eras. In this thirilling adventure the doctor tom baker defends earth from invasion by horrific transforming aliens.

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